“You Really Should Step into the Brilliant Darkness of the iPad
Game That Blends Limbo with Portal 2.”

Evan Narcisse, kotaku.com

“If you have an iOS device, you should play this one. That is all.”
Cassandra Khaw, indiegames.com

“I still don't know
if I'll be able to outrun the void in the end, but I'm itching to find out.”

Richard Mitchell, joystiq.com

“Nihilumbra isn’t one of the best iOS games I’ve ever played. 
It’s one of the best video games I’ve ever played.”
Sam Adonis, indiegamemag.com

“It's gorgeous, entertaining and clever.
And that's before we get to the story.”

Nissa Campbell, toucharcade.com, 4.5/5 Stars

“I can’t praise this fantastic indie platformer enough.”
Carter Dotson, 148apps.com, 4.5/5 Editor's Choice

“Nihilumbra is a certified Must Have.”
Chris Reed, slidetoplay.com, 4/4

"Una ambientación bien cuidada y una correcta línea argumental nos ayudará a llegar hasta el final del juego ofreciendo alicientes a todos los niveles...su apartado visual y BSO son soberbios, sutiles y bien merecen unos horas para paladear esta pequeña joya que a buen seguro recordaremos por su encanto y originalidad." ApptualGamer.com
"App Store Best of 2012: Hidden Gems"  
Nihilumbra is also available:
7.99$ - 6.99€ - 5.99£
Gamer's Gate            DRM-free    WINDOWS/MAC   7.99$ - 6.99€ - 5.99£
Desura                      DRM-free    WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX 7.99$ - 6.99€ - 5.99£
Greenman Gaming   DRM-free    WINDOWS/MAC     7.99$ - 6.99€ - 5.99£
Mac App Store Mac Store    MAC   9.99$ - 8.99€ - 6.99£
Amazon.com             DRM-free    WINDOWS/MAC 7.99$ - 6.99€ - 5.99£
Shiny Loot Games DRM-free   WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX 7.99$
DRM-Free   MAC  9.99$ - 9.99€ - 7.99£
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